Tips for cycling in Wet weather – Dubai – 17 Jan 2023
  • By SmartRider Dubai

Tips for Cycling in wet weather – Dubai, Jan 2023 With the sky remaining grey and the forecast for a cloudy week ahead, it is important to follow some simple and basic rules whilst cycling in rain. A small drizzle or a short downpour doesn’t affect a cyclist and his ride. On the contrary, a […]

Cycling Rules & Regulations in Dubai – an update from Smartriderdubai
  • By SmartRider Dubai

Rules & Regulations for cycling in Dubai With the exponential growth of cycling in Dubai, it is a common sight to witness cyclists zipping past the traffic on the roads and pavements alike. Most follow cycling rules and etiquette, but a few are oblivious to the rules, which brings a bad name to the entire […]

Helmet – Best Defence for a cyclist
  • By SmartRider Dubai

  Let me start with the conclusion: Wearing a Helmet is a no brainer and should be worn by cyclists / e-scooter riders and anyone on a fast set of wheels to ensure protection from serious head injuries. Now… for the reasons Wearing good helmet (in a proper way) helps prevent serious head injuries. Studies […]