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Tips for cycling in Wet weather – Dubai – 17 Jan 2023

Tips for Cycling in wet weather – Dubai, Jan 2023

With the sky remaining grey and the forecast for a cloudy week ahead, it is important to follow some simple and basic rules whilst cycling in rain.

A small drizzle or a short downpour doesn’t affect a cyclist and his ride. On the contrary, a short drizzle is found to be refreshing for any avid cyclist. Nevertheless, it is important to follow few basic safety tips for cycling in rain & overcast conditions

  1. First & foremost, stay visible. Ensure that other users of the road can easily spot you from a distance. Invest in a good front light and rear light and wear good reflective clothes. I know many cyclists who always carry a spare light with them. It helps
  2. When you see a puddle, go around it. It is impossible to know how deep it is and what lies beneath. As the old adage goes, a puddle with an average depth of 1 feet doesn’t mean that it is only 1 feet deep.
  3. Beware of Slippery surfaces. Oil patches, Metal grates, wet leaves, painted lines are mostly slippery and please avoid them at all costs
  4. Cycle slowly and brake early. You should know that braking distance increases when the road is wet and also certain brakes don’t work very well in rains.
  5. Be cautious when cornering and avoid sudden turns
  6. Do not cycle when there are chances of lightning.
  7. Wear warmer clothes and if it continues to rain, wear a good rain jacket or a poncho
  8. Make sure you wear a brim under your helmet or a visor to the helmet to ensure that rain doesn’t hit your eyes

About the Bike: Wet weather is not easy on your bike. Try to follow the following simple tips to ensure your ride is smooth and to protect the bike from heavy wear & tear.

  1. Dry lube your Chain before the ride.
  2. Use wider tyres since they grip the ground better
  3. Inspect brakes after a rainy ride
  4. After a good ride, try to wash the grime while it is wet and finally

Take care of your shoes, helmet & gloves after a ride in the rain.

Ride Safe, Ride Smart

SmartriderDubai – Jan 2023