20 Jan

Helmet – Best Defence for a cyclist


Let me start with the conclusion: Wearing a Helmet is a no brainer and should be worn by cyclists / e-scooter riders and anyone on a fast set of wheels to ensure protection from serious head injuries. Now… for the reasons

Wearing good helmet (in a proper way) helps prevent serious head injuries. Studies have shown that there is an inverse association between helmet wearing rates and hospital admissions for head injury. If you are on a set of wheels (cycle, rollerblades, skates, scooters etc.,) which is in motion and whether the road is tarmac or asphalt or gravel or the wild mountain ranges, helmet will be your perfect protection against serious head trauma that is likely from a crash.

Consider this! The Chief Research Officer at the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics ( TOI) conducted an analysis of serious head injury and other injuries involving cyclists between 1989 to 2017 and concluded that use of Bicycle helmets was found to

  • reduce head injury by 48%
  • reduce serious head injury by 60%
  • reduce traumatic injury by 53%
  • reduce face injury by 23% and
  • reduce total number of killed / seriously injured by 34%

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0001457518301301

According to Consumer Product safety commission ( CPSC), a majority of the cycle related head injuries that are treated in emergency rooms are brain injuries.


Percentage of US Bicyclist Fatalities – 2015

( credit: GHSA/NSC)

I’ve oft observed some delivery riders, E scooter riders and urban cyclists without safety helmet and worse….some are also glued to their mobile phones whilst riding.  What a dangerous mix…no helmet and eyes not on the road.

A Note to the always-wanting-to-be-connected millennial rider: Thanks to rapid paces in smart cycling tech, there are good smart helmets with Bluetooth, built in speakers, fall detection (sends messages to your close ones in the event of a fall),hands free calling and good built in LED lights ( to be visible to others at night). Some of these latest helmets have even turn signals and GPS voice navigation and camera controls. Some have walkie-talkie functions which helps you stay connected and clearly communicate with the group. In addition to safety, your ride would become more enjoyable, stylish and more connected with these helmets.

Whether you are riding a bicycle or e scooter or skateboarding or roller blading, wearing a helmet is a good defense against head injury, in the event of a fall.

What are you waiting for? Grab a helmet. Get a smart Helmet to make your ride more enjoyable.

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Note: It is mandatory for Cyclists to wear a Helmet in Dubai